I’m back!!! Malmsey makes a welcome return

Hello to all my faithful readers and a special “Woof Woof” to my two cat readers too… My mummy met your mummy and daddy again recently and apparently they had a lovely chat about us all. I am sorry that it’s been a while since I dictated a blog… my human mummy has been busy fighting legal battles, running a hotel, organising our human family and just generally juggling lots of things all at once and she hasn’t had much time to type my musings on my behalf. However, she has stopped long enough for me to sit on her laptop and make her tickle my ears while listening to me dictate a blog post!

Life remains good for this pampered pooch- I did indeed fall on my paws when the humans chose me…. However, I don’t let them think that I’m content all the time. I do sulk when they leave me at my human Nanny and Grandad’s house and gaze across the shared drive (we all live in the same place) looking woeful and melancholy through the window to make them feel guilty… it works every time and I get toys and bones galore each time they come to collect me- good trick!

Actually I love living between two houses- who wouldn’t as I get doubly spoilt, double cuddles and sometimes even fed twice as I pretend the other house has forgotten to feed me!

I need to be pampered as I am a high maintenance, pampered but poorly pooch. I’m off to see a dermatologist specialist vet next week as I have very sore toes which have just appeared out of nowhere and which need some attention- I quite like the pet pedicure I get with the lotions, potions and creams that have to be rubbed in… lovely and don’t forget I have two paws at the front that need attending to!

Thus all in all life is good and this pooch is definitely a contented one!

Till next time

Love Malmsey x

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Happy Birthday to me! Marmite Malmsey celebrates being 3 years old

Dictated by Malmsey…

It was my birthday recently and the humans did a super job of ensuring I celebrated in style! I had a deliciously tasty birthday cake, complete with pink icing , dog bones and birthday candle from a fantastic doggy bakery called the Hungry Hound and I got a hamper from them too filled with delicious doggy bake treats with carob and coloured icing to make them look pretty, but more importantly they were soooo tasty and a toy was amongst the tasties, which was fun and very pink!

I had a bag full of other presents too and I had great fun ripping off the wrapping paper, tearing the gift bags to shreds and eating my weight (almost) in doggy delights and treats whilst playing with new cuddly softies, squeaky toys, balls and bones.

Thankfully they, (the humans), have, at last (!) got the message and realise that I am not like other dogs… I am a doggy diva and so I don’t want to share the humans, my home, toys or time with any other animals, dogs or otherwise, so I didn’t have any other dogs at my birthday party-only the humans, which ensured I was the “Belle of the Ball”, the centre of attention, the “Diva of the Day” and got all the fuss, attention and of course most of the cake- I did share a few pieces with the humans friends who have dogs too, but I didn’t actually have to meet them personally- I gifted from afar.

I have to say it is exhausting having a birthday and being made such a fuss of BUT roll on next year and another set of birthday treats- I can’t wait!!

Here’s a picture of my cake with a slice already eaten by me… you really should check out the bakery as its super duper and great, efficient service too!



Till next time

Malmsey xx (age 3 now!)

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At last a new posting by Malmsey……

Dictated by Malmsey

I know, I know I have been a very remiss pooch and not posted a blog for many a long few months, BUT, I was so busy, my paws literally haven’t touched the ground all summer. I was on my annual holidays and woof woof, what a great time I had! I went to Norfolk, where I stayed in a gorgeous cottage, http://naturally-norfolk.com with lovely doggy treats waiting for me on my arrival and so many fantastic walks and places to enjoy a doggy paddle I was in doggy heaven. (Try Brancaster Straithe, it’s a must for dogs like me who are real water pooch babies). The weather was glorious, my human companions behaved themselves and were relaxed and rested and all in all I can truly recommend my dogs life- it’s great!

When we came home it was just one continued long and leisurely summer with lots of trips out and about, long walks at home in the beautiful New Forest and long, sunny days filled with treats and doggy pleasures galore.

Then it was back to school and the daily school run- it’s so hard to open my eyes at 6am in the morning to get ready for the trip to and from school but at least the 45 minutes car journey gives me a further chance to nap and then on the way home if I’m really lucky I get to have a scamper in the forest on one of my daily walks, before home time for my breakfast.

Don’t tell the humans, but I have got the dog walking lark down to a tee now… they take me for 2 hours at the start of the day and then I snooze a few hours and then after lunch I get a bit boisterous and so by just before tea time I get to go on another long walk – they think it tires me out but actually I just love the fresh air, the freedom and the space so many walks afford me… don’t tell them!

All in all I think I have just about got the humans well trained now, although it’s taken a time! Life is just peachy and I get my own way most of the time just by barking loudly at them… honestly they are so easy to manipulate and they cannot resist my brown eyes! Still I wouldn’t swap doggy homes for the world and roll on next summer and another glorious time in sunny Norfolk and a return stay at Lavender Cottage, http://naturally-norfolk.com/, which really is a super place to be.

Till next time

Malmsey x





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It’s a dog’s life…

Dictated by Marmite Malmsey

My life is complete…. Boiled eggs for breakfast this morning, a squishy cushion out in the sunshine, but with just enough shade nearby to cool off as needed. Large bowl of fresh, cold water, just close enough for me not to have to stretch too far and a convenient tickle behind the ears now and then from a (slightly daft if I’m honest!) owner who seems to adore me as she tells me so at every opportunity… oh what it is to be a pampered pooch…… did I say pooch? Actually what I meant to say was “Princess”, “Diva”, call me what you will, but don’t call me a pooch, as I truly believe I am more human than a dog and I have the temperament and tantrums to prove it!

Seriously though, I have landed on my paws and cannot tell all my doggy readers how lucky I am to live with this lot… they are “barking” … in the nicest possible sense and love me no matter what naughty things I do.

However, I wasn’t best pleased to hear one of my “human mamas” friends tell her that she didn’t know how she managed with me as I was so full on and such high maintenance and worse than a toddler with the terrible two’s…… as if that’s not bad enough, my mama agreed with her and said I was indeed a handful and I did keep her very busy but I was worth it! Humph- I should think so too!

Anyway I will sulk for a little while and then when that grows tiresome I might stretch my legs and go ask for a bone, or a doggy ice cream, or a chewy or a tennis ball or ……another tickle behind the ears…mmmmm lovely!

Till next week

Happy sun bathing








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Tantrums and the “Terrible Twos”………. Malmsey hits adolescence!

Whilst there is no denying that we all love, adore, cherish and completely dote on Malmsey, our 2 year old Boxer, she has recently celebrated her 2nd birthday and has hit adolescence with a whoosh!

She has always been a princess and a diva and completely runs the house and rules our lives, but since reaching two she has turned into an even more demanding diva and I feel like I have a temper tantrum throwing toddler in the house.  She hates being left alone and so we have numerous friendly dog sitters who help on a rota basis so we can actually leave the house now and then and they too all adore her. However getting out of the house is a military operation as she clings onto any piece of clothing, arm, leg or handbag that she can get to grips with, even though she knows she won’t be left alone.

Mostly she is simply adorable, lovely and a poppet, but now and then, she is at times petulant, demanding and if we don’t all jump to her demands, she barks her annoyance at us until we comply… but of course she knows we all adore her and will do exactly as she wishes us too and indulge her every whim.

We walk her for hours a day, often on a couple of walks as she loves being out and about, but we simply cannot allow her to meet any other dogs as she thinks of herself as human and doesn’t like her fellow doggy companions.. thus she never plays with other dogs, only with us… all in all in the 21 months we have had her she has bought us much joy, pleasure and love, but she is the most complex, complicated, stubborn and high maintenance dog we have ever owned and has completely taken over our lives. Who’d have thought a 2 year old Boxer could be so rewarding and so challenging every waking moment of the day!

Till next time




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Ooooops another trip to the vets with Marmite Malmsey

Dictated by Malmsey….

As regular readers of my blog will know, I have caused my “human” parents rather a lot of worry in terms of my heath since they had me. I recently turned two and on reflection it has certainly been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of my health in those years. The latest episode, which resulted in a trip to see a specialist vet, who was sooooo lovely, Jane Oatley, an expert Orthopaedic vet, who made me feel much better, was only in the past two weeks, when I hurt my front leg and became very lame- coupled with an already quite lame pair of back legs- I have fluid on my knees, apparently quite common in Boxer dogs; thus the resulting gait was very ungainly and I was very sore.

So I was whisked off to meet Jane and her healing expertise- of course with me it’s never as easy as merely visiting a vet’s practice – I have a phobia of other dogs. No matter what shape, size or make, I simply don’t like them and become very frightened and worried around them, to the extent that I get quite bad tempered, which is a real departure from my usual good naturedness…. Thus with a waiting room full of other dogs and pups it’s all a bit of  a trauma for me and my “human” mummy to take me to the vets. However, eventually I was safely in the treatment room and Jane worked wonders on me. I had X-rays, not sure I like that bit as I had to be made to be sleepy and got all wobbly on my already wobbly legs and then I couldn’t stay in the kennel bit with the other dogs, so I had to be carried to the car to wake up slowly and gently and then I slept all day- blissful!

Two weeks on and I am much, much better. I had to have 10 days of rest which was a trying time as I admit I did get a bit stir crazy and I didn’t like the tablets I had to take, but the creamy cheese they tried to disguise them in was tasty… they think they fooled me but I knew they were in there! This past weekend I was able to go for a walk and it was super-duper to have some freedom again, albeit there were pesky dogs everywhere who wanted to play… they just don’t seem to understand my Garboesque demeanour and simply won’t leave me to play on my own… so I have to tell them off and then my “human” mama has to explain to their owners and they then stand about talking about me for what seems like an age, with their dogs and me at a sensible distance and then at last we can carry on with our walk and I can enjoy being a diva!

Till next time and my next adventures


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Worrying Disease effecting Dogs in the New Forest


Our beloved dog Malmsey is walked on a daily basis in the New Forest which is on our doorstep- we are also fortunate to have the sea at the end of our road too and whilst she enjoys coastal walks, her favourite venue is the forest.

However, at present there is fear and worry in all dog owners’ hearts- since the middle of 2013 and through to date, there have been at least twenty dog deaths due to an unknown disease, although it is suspected to be “Alabama Rot”, which seems to be effecting dogs and causing their untimely deaths. It is a horrible feeling to take your dog for a walk in the forest but not be sure that the area you have chosen is safe… in  fact day by day there seems to be more and more areas that are reporting a problem, so the “safe” areas are slowly shrinking and the choice of walks is diminishing.

But keeping it in perspective, there are hundreds of dogs walked in the forest on  a daily basis and the New Forest is not the only effected area- the disease and its source is being investigated by a fantastic veterinary practice, Anderson Moores who treated Malmsey when she had the problem with her face when she was a pup and I cannot speak highly enough of Davinia, her partners and their team.

Thus we are still walking Malmsey in the forest but are also checking her paws, legs and face on a three times daily basis for any skin lesions, ulcerated areas or general areas of concern just in case… however I’m sure that all dog owner will rest easy when they have found the source, a solution and treatment and no more dogs have to die untimely.

Our sincerest wishes to those who have lost their beloved dogs- our hearts go out to you all.

Till next time

Nx and Mx



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“Marmite” Malmsey comments on the TV show, Dogs – their secret lives

Dictated by Malmsey

Firstly Happy New Year to all my doggy (and cat) friends and followers and to their owners too. I hope you all had a good NY celebrations; mine was interesting….. because I am unable to be left “home alone”, I get very stressed and so prefer being with my “human” family, so they planned to take me with them to their NY celebrations which were at Hotel TerraVina, the hotel they own.

Well all in all it wasn’t a great success as the private dining room we would normally eat in was booked for a party, the hotel was full and there was nowhere to settle me… they did try the car- as if I wanted to stay in there! However cosy and comfy it was with my bed and blankets, I’m hardly a car sort of dog! Thus I was “smuggled” into the hotel and my human “mama” looked after me rather than sit with guests at the table… to be honest I had quite a nice evening, albeit I was a little stroppy with everyone, but I would have preferred to be at home, cosy on the sofa…. I’ve added a photo of me on the sofa to prove the point that it’s very comfy!

Anyhow, my point being about the story of NY eve is that I HATE being left at home alone and on the rare occasion they have left me (for only ½ hour to an hour maximum) and only on x3 occasions in nearly 2 years, I have ensured they won’t leave me again by chewing door mats, eating shoes, chewing the chairs and all sorts… they realised I don’t like being left and now I’m never left… I’m either with my “mama or papa” or my “nana and grandad” or Jim and Gwen, my friends  (and the humans lovely friends) or a dog sitter… Lovely!

Last night I caught a TV show on Channel 4, Dogs their secret lives, (I quite like watching TV sometimes) http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dogs-their-secret-lives/episode-guide  and it was fascinating. Mark Evans the vet and presenter obviously loves dogs and seems a very nice chap. The doctors from Bristol Uni were lovely and the dogs featured seemed a nice bunch… as you know I’m not keen on dogs, but it was sad to see so many of them getting stressed at being left at home……. thus a plea from one special, pampered dog to any owners reading this, please try not to leave us home alone and if you do have to, please make sure it’s not for very long and we aren’t stressed about it- you can train us to cope better with it if you really have to leave us!

In the meantime I do hope Mark Evans makes more TV shows about dogs as it was fascinating.

Till next week


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Marmite Malmsey marvels at Christmas preparations and enjoys all the fuss and frolics…..

Dictated by Malmsey

Last Christmas I was already living with the Basset family but I wasn’t very old and frankly much of the excitement passed me by as I was very poorly with my various ailments, (all now thankfully much better)….. however, wowee, this year I am having soooooo much fun!

My “human mama” and Romané decorated an enormous tree on Sunday- it’s in the middle of the lounge, close to my bed and when no one is looking and if I stretch, I can nibble at the bottom branches, but oh what fun I had on Sunday, getting under everyone’s feet and generally causing mayhem- I pulled the branches one way and then the other in a tug of tree game, then when the baubles started to be hung I kept stealing them and playing with them all around the house and the long strands of tinsel stuff is great fun to run away with!

BUT! Even more special and so much more mischievous is attacking the presents. They are all beautifully wrapped and under the tree in whicker baskets, (which are also very nice to chew!) and when no one is looking I have been stealing the presents one by one to have a little chew- ohhhhhh it’s just too tempting not to rip the paper off and I just can’t resist, even though I do get told off, but they should know by now that NO just doesn’t have much effect and I know they will forgive me all my naughtiness because they love me so much.

According to my “mama” my presents are all hidden as I cannot be trusted not to attack them and open them all before Xmas day- I am so excited at the thought of so many new toys and chews that Xmas cannot come quick enough and as a special treat my breakfast on the 25th will be scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, my absolute favourite meal…… with exception of rice, pasta and boiled eggs and soldiers, or toast and Marmite  of course!

Well lots to do and still more presents to attack and “helpfully” unwrap…. To all my Malmsey friends, thanking you for reading my blog and adding your photos and comments and I do hope you all have a very waggy, happy and woofingly good Christmas and I will write again in the New Year.

Until 2014


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What’s all that noise??? Malmsey’s not keen on the Big Bang!

Dictated by Malmsey

This is directed at all my fellow canine friends and all other animals that don’t like this current time of year when there are constant bangs and beams of light streaking across the sky- fireworks are over rated in m y view.

Last night, 5th November, I was fast asleep, all curled up cosily on the sofa when BANG! I awoke with a start and did my duty running around the house growling and barking at the top of my voice to scare away the unwelcome.. what? Actually there was no one there and it was actually the noise of the fireworks outside that had woken me up. Well not to be outdone, I thus decided to sit and howl to try to match the crescendo of noise that was being made… I would have carried on for hours if it had not been form the humans telling me off for making such a noise- honestly what about the even louder noise outside?

Thus I have to confide in you all and categorically state that the noise doesn’t frighten me… who me be a baby! But it does annoy me when I’m awoken with a jump and then can’t get back to my sweet dreams so roll on next week when hopefully all the firework displays etc will be long gone and peace will reign once more.

Till next week


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